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Online Counselling

Why choose online therapy

Online counselling is growing in popularity with the flexibility and convenience it offers to users.  The new challenges we have with COVID-19 pandemic meant many had to transition into online therapy.    With the uncertainty we face and the continued social distancing recommendations it may be some time before we can feel less nervous of commuting and ready to re-enter the confines of therapy room.  I will continue to offer online counselling exclusively for the time being.  I have been working exclusively online/telephone as of March via a secure platform.  I personally have been using Skype video conferencing for supervision sessions for many years and find it convenient to fit around my daily schedule.  


Online counselling offers the experience of having therapy from the comfort of a safe environment of your own choosing; home, office or even a parked car.  Not needing to navigate around public transport or traffic means you have extra time to spare for doing things you love.  Online sessions are a better option for many.  With the convenience of digital technology it means sessions are not disrupted when one of us is travelling outside our main location.  Research shows online and telephone counselling is as effective as in person therapy.  I am continuing to receive positive feedback on experiences of online counselling as users are able to reflect from the comfort of their own sofa.  

The lockdown taught us a great deal about using digital technology to communicate and connect with others. For example, as friends attended virtual parties to connect with one another.  Similarly, with online counselling sessions can continue via an online platform without lacking from the quality of in person counselling.  During these uncertain times online counselling is a positive solution and for many it may continue to be a first choice of therapy post-lockdown.  With the accessibility of technology you can seek support from a counsellor to process, adapt and recover.  

If you would like to seek counseling and would like to speak with me I would be happy to support you through your therapy journey where you can focus on your own needs in the sanctuary of your own private space.

Some of the benefits of online counselling
  • Ease of contact with secure encrypted platform.

  • Accessible as it overcomes barriers of distance.  Those with a physical disability can access online counselling with ease.

  • Convenience of connecting online without the hassle and extra expense of commuting.

  • The freedom of choosing a space of your choice.

  • Absence of face to face contact can be encouraging for some to seek therapy.  For example, teens prefer an online platform or those that may be more comfortable talking on the phone. 

  • Variant ways to communicate providing options.

Essentials for Online Couselling
  • a private space for you to have your sessions

  • a good internet connection

  • a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or just a working phone if you prefer telephone counselling

  • access to Skype

Take the next step

If you would like to speak with me to see if we can work together I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.  You are welcome to book your free phone consultation.  This is a chance for you to tell me what is happening for you.  I will be able to answer any questions you may have for me.  

Please be assured there is no commitment for you to enter into therapy should you feel you do not want to pursue any further.  

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